Slide Away (1994) :: Oasis

I know Blur was always the ‘smart people’ choice (and I did adore Graham Coxon), but even if it permanently labels me an oik on the inside, I’ll always love Oasis more.

No way dude, here’s the mid-nineties Britpop breakdown as I see it:

  • Pulp was the choice of smart people
  • Blur was for annoying students who thought they were clever and secretly didn’t like poor people very much
  • Suede were for hopeless romantics who sniffed glue now and again and pretended they were “chasing the dragon”
  • Manic Street Preachers was the pre-internet equivalent of having a LiveJournal about your bruises
  • Elastica was for people who hadn’t bought any Fall records yet.

Meanwhile, Oasis were the simple, soaring voice of the people. Their lyrics didn’t mean shit but man could those dummies write a tune, and Liam was a sexy motherfucking frontman given to insulting his fellow musicians with perfect, polished gems such as (about Thom Yorke): “He can fuck right off. I’m not having him. I don’t like his head.” WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT IN A POP STAR?

And if you liked Menswear, Sleeper, Kenickie, Whiteout, Shampoo, or Ocean Colour Scene, I was laughing at you. Hard.

(Buuut if you liked Geneva, Super Furry Animals, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Gene, or Longpigs, they were fucking ace, and I was also at that gig with you and 5 other people.)

Honestly, I think I probably deserve to be laughed at, my ten-year-old self didn’t know jack about music before this lot came along. I’d have had a much harder time if it was Pulp v. Oasis because I loved Jarvis, but Blur v. Oasis? No contest, EVER.

They might have been boorish, coked-up and occasionally fratricidal* mad bastards, but their songs, even when you knew they’d gone magpie with someone else’s tunes (Neil Innes, The Loving Spoonful), they made them better than the originals. And Liam’s voice, before the drugs and partying fucked it for live performances, was sublime. 

Also, you don’t believe me about the oik-labelling, just check out the Guardian’s music blog every time Oasis is mentioned, I swear a miasma of smugness hangs over that place sometimes. 

*an old anecdote about Noel hitting Liam with a cricket bat and Liam reciprocating by throwing a large rubbish bin at Noel’s windshield-when Noel was in the car- comes to mind